Reviews for Eggsistentialism

The Sunday Independent

“The piece, beautifully directed by Veronica Coburn, is close to a masterpiece: intelligent, thoughtful, wry, funny, and above all, loving.”


The Reviews Hub

“This is a well written and honest performance that will make you stop and think, as well as laugh with joy. Ryan gives a strong, powerful, comedic performance that lasts in one’s memory and opens the audience’s mind with her honesty.”

“Interrupted with poignancy and delicacy Eggsistentialism is a surprising watch.”

“One of the Fringe Festival’s must see performances.”


The Irish Times

“Joanne Ryan invests her journey into fertility and feminism with sparkle, self-deprecating humour and a generous helping of audio-visual technology. Of the latter, the voice of her offstage “mammy” making sharp, wry interjections is hilarious.”

“Her impeccable comic timing and captivating stage presence carry the day.”


Midnight Murphy

“While I was expecting to enjoy the play, I was not expecting it to be so incredible. It is side-splittingly funny.”

“A truly remarkable performance – hilarious, tough, sad, thought-provoking. She is a wonderful actress, and she plays the part brilliantly.”

“Highly recommended.”


The Magic Bulletin

“The writing is sharp, imbued with personality and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.”

“Ryan is a natural comedienne with a line in self-deprecating delivery. I was in tears from laughter a lot.”

“The production design was outstanding.”

“Her jocular stage presence is offset with scenes of real poignancy.”


No More Work Horse

“The telling of her story with such wit and skill by Joanne adds to its enjoyment and its strength.”

“Its wider context digs into the societal structures of Ireland as it is now. It is both a serious piece and a fun piece, and is well worth seeing.”


The Red Curtain Review

“Eggsistentialism is witty, funny and informative, with a wonderful delivery by Ryan throughout. But like all good comedy, there is a serious side to it as well, something Ryan balances very well.”

“Ryan has put together a funny, honest, play that makes you think as much as it makes you laugh.”

“The hour or so running length flies by, and Ryan’s warmth and dilemma comes through more and more as we get to know her.”